Short questionnaire for Ministers

Christy-Anna Errington has been working for the District as a One Programme Participant since September. Part of the work she has been asked to do is to find out about the youth and children’s participation going on throughout the district already so that we can build and expand on it over the next few years.

It would really be appreciated if you could answer the following questions and send them to Christy-Anna along with your name and circuit, at

  •  How do you think children and young people should be participating in the life of the District?
  •  Does your circuit have a policy on the participation of children and young people?

 You can find a short article on participation on Christy-Anna’s blog find out more about the One Programme at

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact Christy-Anna about any of the above by emailing the above address or calling her on 01305 826012

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