The Southampton District has said since 2002 that one of its priorities is To give weight to work which focuses on outreach and work with younger people. One part of the outworking of this has been the employment of a Youth and Children’s Officer for the District who is there to resource, advise, encourage and enable our churches and circuits.

 As the Methodist Church as a whole considers fresh ways of working we are taking the opportunity in the Southampton District to look at strategies for youth and children’s ministry at church, circuit and district levels.

 To this end an open meeting was held in Winchester on 4thNovember 2009. Four key questions were discussed: What are the strategies that are working well in your church or circuit?   What are your struggles?  What do you think should be informing the District’s strategy for children and young people?   How are the voices of children and young people heard in our decision-making group? 

The responses to these questions can be seen in this PDF.

As a District we feel it is essential to hear the voices of children and young people in this process so that we can provide meaningful participation in the life of the Methodist Church that they want to be involved with. To this end we applied to the Connexional Youth Participation Scheme for the funding to employ a GAP Year student to take forward this piece of work.

Events will be planned in the District for children and young people to tell us their views of the church and the involvement they want to have. Watch this space for more information.

Visit the website page to find out about Safeguarding our young people.

Visit the blog of Christy-Anna Errington, our OPP (Operation Participation Person) in the Southampton District on

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Youth and children’s participation throughout the district

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