Report on Zambia Link for SMC Annual Church Meeting

Report to Bemerton Methodist Annual Church Meeting on the Zambia Link:

Our link with St John’s United Church of Zambia congregation in the township of Mtendere, Lusaka, has three aspects:

 -    People: personal contacts between members;

  •  Prayer for each other’s needs and concerns;
  •  Perception: understanding each other’s ways of being church and following Jesus Christ.


In October 2015, Rev Nigel Appleton, the URC Wessex Synod Zambia link person, spent a Sunday worshipping with St John’s UCZ in Lusaka.

A vivid account of his day appeared in our church Magazine, and he spent an evening in February in Salisbury giving a presentation about his visit. On his visit to Lusaka, Nigel was impressed by St John’s project of producing pullovers for primary schoolchildren in Mtendere – a project that not only meets the needs of local families but also provides much needed training and employment. In response to Nigel’s appeal, members of the Salisbury churches linked with St John’s sent £300 (about 5,000 Kwacha in Zambia money) to the project to buy two knitting machines and a sewing machine.


Most weeks, Rev Robert Gama, minister of St John’s, emails prayer requests to us. The prayer requests are entered in the church Prayer Book and included in Sunday worship. Our prayer concerns are emailed to St John’s, where the Intercessory Prayer Group, which meets very early each weekday morning, include our needs in their prayers.


There is an item about the United Church of Zambia in most issues of the Bemerton Church. From 4th January to 6th March 2016, there was a display in Salisbury  Methodist Church about life in Zambia, the United Church of Zambia and St John’s congregation in particular. The display drew some interest and gave rise to questions and requests for more information.

The future:

In November this year, it is planned that the United Church of Zambia Bishop of Lusaka will visit our Southampton District. Next year in the spring, it is planned that two UCZ ministers will attend the Wessex Synod Summer School in Salisbury. Please pray for the General

Election to be held in Zambia this summer – for peaceful campaigning and a just result.                                                                    Cecil King

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