Prayer for our link congregation in Zambia


Prayer for our link congregation in Zambia

There is an outbreak of cholera in Zambia. There have been hundreds of deaths in Lusaka and a few in Ndola. Please pray especially for the people involved in the huge campaign of oral vaccination against cholera.

In April there have been disturbances on the streets in the Copperbelt and in Lusaka because of worsening economic conditions. Inflation is high, because the value of the Zambian Kwacha has been in steep decline. The price of copper on the world markets is very low, and so thousands of copper miners have been made redundant. Electricity prices have risen sharply, and there are frequent power cuts, Please pray for the people of Zambia living with these hardships.

All these matters have increased the fierceness of the campaigning leading up to the general election on 11th August. Elections in Zambia have always been hotly contested; five years ago, twenty political parties put up candidates for the National Assembly (Parliament). The 2011 elections brought a change of government, and the 2016 elections may do the same; the contest is very close between the bigger parties. Please pray for peace and fairness during these next months of campaigning.

The Mtendere area, where our link congregation, St John’s, is, has not been affected by the cholera outbreak, but the people there are suffering from the rising food prices and electricity cuts. Please continue to pray for the ministry of the congregation to people in need in the neighbourhood.

Cecil King

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