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I have tried to copy and paste the World Church Bulletin onto this site but have been unable to do so, so I would encourage you to look for it on the Methodist Church World Relationships section of the main MCB site.

There is a wonderful section concerning our friends in New Zealand with special reference to Christchurch and the aftermath of the earthquake. It contains a wonderful prayer from the President of the New Zealand Conference for all those who have suffered. It can be used as a part of Sunday Worship and certainly helps us to draw closer to  them.

There are also very good sections with news about Africa [Zambia], Latin America and Europe too. Please make use of these up-to-date  pieces of news - they are intended to help direct our prayer-life. Indeed there are a number of very good Prayer-Points

Rev. Tom Quenet has just  written an update on the situation of the People of Haiti and the Methodist Church to coincide with with the first anniversary of that earthquake. Progress is being made - things are improving slowly. People are beginning to find ways of putting their lives back together and the Church is in the midst of this process. It will be a patient rebuilding taking many years - just as it will take years to sort out the city of Christchurch. We must hold the faith with them all and hold them in our hearts for all time. They are our sisters and brothers, we love them for who they are, and for the needs they have.

Please read Tom's Update on line in the W.Ch Rel section of the website is is full of stories.

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