Wesley House, Cambridge - ordained

Part-Time Doctor of Ministry.  ‘Holiness, Effective Ministry and Engagement with the World.  

•   Starts in January 2018

•  Designed for full-time clergy and other church leaders.  

•  Normally only available in the USA

•  Combines intensive teaching sessions and a practice-based research project over 3 years.

•  A recognised course in formation for leadership

•   Leaflet here

Online learning opportunities

•   Distance-learning modules and degree courses

•   Work from home, at a time to suit you.

•   Leaflet here.

 Sabbatical venue

•   Accommodation

•   Use of Wesley House and other Cambridge libraries, and the special Methodist collection.

•   Share in the praying and community life of the college.

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 All this and more information is available on the Wesley House website: www.wesley.cam.ac.uk


Learning Opportunities
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