District Safeguarding Group

Jane Fisher was appointed as a lay safeguarding adviser to Southampton District in January 2017. 

Jane's responsibilities are:-

  • To provide advice and guidance to churches and circuits in the event of an allegation, concern or safeguarding issue;
  • To assist with and facilitate referrals to Statutory Authorities, where appropriate;
  • To provide advice and practical assistance to supervise and support ex-offenders who wish to worship at a church.

Whilst safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone, Jane should be used as a resource throughout the District and wishes to be advised or consulted whenever anyone has concerns or queries about any aspect of safeguarding in respect of young people, the vulnerable or someone who may pose a risk.

Jane can be emailed on janefisher05@gmail.com

Maureen Hudd is the independent Chair of the Safeguarding Group, and her experience is in the area of local authority child protection.  She is line manager for John Marshman.  Across the two districts Maureen facilitates training and queries regarding training should be directed to her on 01635 30108 or maureen.hudd@btinternet.com.

The Safeguarding Group includes the Chairs of both districts and professionals from various backgrounds, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced representation of expertise.

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