Prayer for times of change


You know me Lord; have known me for some time.

I like the church I have, and have been truly loyal to it.

It hasn’t always made sense, especially at first,

but it does now.

It’s part of me, and I work hard at it.


I know things have to change.

You are the living God, new each day:

“Behold I am about to do something new,” you said,

and you did.


I’ve liked some of the new things:

people we didn’t see before,

things we didn’t say or do,

and that all feels right now.


But now things have to change again.

Does that mean things are wrong as they are?

I like it as it is: it’s comfortable and I know it,

And through it, as it is, I know you Lord.

Does this mean I won’t know you anymore?


If it is your will, I will do it, whatever you ask.


But Lord, remember, it is hard to change.

Help me Lord,

Help me as things shift beneath me.

Help my loyalty to you stay strong.


Keep us all in your loving arms,

And smile on us, wherever or whatever we become.




Matthew Reed


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