On the first day..

a meditation for churches trying hard to change!

On the first day, we had an idea and it seemed like a good one. 

It felt like God was calling us.

On the second day, we shared it with others who added to it, and we all got excited.

God was clearly working with us.

On the third day, we worked out the detail, and it all became rather daunting.

We asked for God’s help.

On the fourth day, we rolled up our sleeves and got started; it was tough but rewarding. 

God was smiling on us.

On the fifth day, things went a bit wrong; it was tougher than we thought.

People started to lose faith, and we lost some helpers. No one thought of God, but

            God was still thinking of us.

On the sixth day, there was hardly anyone left when we finished the last bit. 

Maybe God lent us a hand.

On the seventh day, it was done. Finished. Complete. 

We celebrated by worshipping God.


God looked down and must have thought: “Hmmm, that is good!”


on the first day of the next week, God said: “Well done you good and trusty servant. I will put you in charge of even more!”



Matthew Reed

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