It goes without saying that worship is key to the life of our churches and that bookshops and websites are packed full with ideas from traditional liturguies to Messy Church and beyond.  If you have come across anything that you'd like to recommend to others, please do complete the Worship Resources recommendation form and share it with the rest of us!

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Family Friendly Church Trust
An excellent resource for training and resources from use of Power Point to worship ideas

Iona Worship
There's loads of really useful stuff at the Wild Goose resources website

Lectionary Notes
Notes by the Rev Dr John Ogden

MHA - Worship Resources
Updated April 2017

New Patterns for Worship
Worship Resources with weblink

On the first day..
a meditation for churches trying hard to change!

Prayer for times of change
for those who find the next change hard.

Preaching resources for use with the lectionary
An American source, but recommended by the Rev Robert Manning as worth a look!

Roots on the Web
All age resource for worship with adults and children

Singing the Faith Plus
Singing the Faith Plus (www.singingthefaithplus.org.uk) is the web-based resource designed to complement and support the new hymn book of the Methodist Church, Singing the Faith.

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