House Group Material for ReEngaging



Share experiences in the group of what people have experienced as ‘holy ground’. 

Either instead, or, as well:  look at pictures of various places – both sacred and secular and ask, can any of these be described as ‘holy ground’?

Can you draw any conclusions about what makes a place ‘holy’? 


LOOKING AT THE PASSAGE: Exodus 3 v 1 – 6


The Context:                  

You may like to have read Exodus chapter 2 in preparation for your meeting OR one person may give a summary of the story so far.


The Passage:

Read the passage together, perhaps with different voices for the different characters.


Holy Ground:    

Explore what makes this place and time ‘holy ground’?  Is it holy in itself do you think or is it just holy for this encounter between Moses and God?  Are there connections with your discussion earlier?



With what did Moses need to re-engage?    Look up Genesis 15 v 17 – 20; 50 v 22 – 26 and Exodus chapter 2.


God’s purposes:            

Discuss whether you think God had planned a role for Moses before he was born, or whether he chose him as a child or an adult.  What do you think it is about Moses that God wanted to use?  You may like to read the rest of this stage of the story (either now or later): the rest of chapter 3 and chapter 4.




 Holy Ground:                  

Do we have enough opportunity in our lives to step on ‘holy ground’?   Can we manufacture it or is it only given by God?



With what do you need to re-engage? As individuals and/or as a church community?  How often do we need to re-engage with God? And how are we able to engage, or re-engage, with God in the workplace?


God’s purposes:            

What do you think God is saying to you as a result of this study about his purposes for you?  As individuals?  As a group?  As a church?



 Turn your discussions and thoughts into prayer...


© Jacqui A. Horton 2010

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