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 Try and watch some footage of a wrestling match.  Youtube is a good source.  What words would you use to describe what is going on?  What are the wrestlers trying to do? (If nothing visual is available, then talk yourselves through what a wrestling match is like).

 Looking at the passage: Genesis 32 v 22 – 31

 The Context:

You may like to have read Genesis 28 v 1 – 32 v 21 in preparation for your meeting OR one person may give a summary of the story so far. 

The Passage:         

Read the passage together, perhaps with different voices for the different characters.


Make a list of the different things we are told about this encounter.  What similarities or differences are there with the wrestling match you thought about earlier?

 Recalling (1):          

Recalling can mean Remembering.  What did Jacob need to remember?   Look up Genesis 15 v 17 – 20; 25 v 19 – 26; 27 v 1 – 29.

 Recalling (2):          

Recalling can mean being called again. What was Jacob being recalled to?  Look up Genesis 35 v 1 – 15; 45 v 25 – 46 v 1 – 7; Genesis 49.

 God’s purposes:   

Discuss why this encounter between God and Jacob was necessary.  What is different about Jacob at the end?


 Thinking about ourselves


Share experiences of your own struggles with your faith or with God: past, present or anticipated future.

 Recalling (1):          

What do you need to recall? As individuals and/or as a church community?

 Recalling (2):          

Discuss how often we need to be called again by God.  Every so often?  Daily?  Continually?

 God’s purposes:   

What do you think God is saying to you as a result of this study about his purposes for you?  As individuals?  As a group?  As a church?


 Turn your discussions and thoughts into prayer...


© Jacqui A. Horton 2010

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