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 Notes for Leaders


 The District is offering a one-off housegroup study for each of four themes during the year.  Each theme will be the subject of a sermon preached by Andrew Wood and the basis for a postcard that will be distributed in every church on a Sunday determined by each Circuit.  Preachers on that Sunday are also being encouraged to preach on the appropriate theme.

 The four themes are: Recalling, ReEngaging, ReMoving and Rethinking.  There is a fifth theme: ReShaping – and group studies on this theme for four weeks of Lent will be available in due course.  Lent groups may make this a five or six week course if they add on an introductory meeting and/or a concluding one.

 Each Study

 The complete study is intended to take no longer than 60 – 90 minutes.

 The process is meant to be: a short exercise to get people talking and thinking about the subject; a serious (if not too detailed) look at the Bible passage; two or three ways of applying the message of the Bible to ourselves; a final time of worship and/or prayer.

 Don’t spend too long on any one section.  The ice-breaker is intended to take no longer than 10 minutes.  It is important to keep a balance between the section that looks at the Bible passage and the section that explores its relationship to ourselves.  Within these, don’t be afraid to leave something out if you are running short on time, or if one particular question or discussion topic doesn’t seem to work.  Don’t be afraid to adapt questions if, by doing so, you make the questions more relevant (or understandable!) for your group.  The suggested format is a framework that is meant to be adapted, and made user-friendly, for your particular context. 

 More variety can be given by splitting the group up at various points.  In this first ‘Re-Kindle’ study perhaps one half of the group could discuss the first ‘Re-Calling’ and the other half, the second.  Both groups could then share with each other.  Under ‘Thinking about ourselves’: Recalling (1), the question could be talked about in pairs first and then in the wider group.

 At the end of each group meeting, have a time of worship and/or prayer that draws together the threads of what has been explored and discussed, and that enables participants to respond in some way to the session. 


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 Printable Version
House Group Material for ReCalling
A one session reflection on the Genesis passage

House Group Material for ReEngaging
A one session reflection on the Exodus passage

House Group Material for ReMoving
Here are Jacqui's notes for a bible study about Ruth and Naomi

Lent House Group material for ReShaping
This material can be used with the ReShaping postcard which will be available from 13 February 2011