• Bible passage:  Moses and the burning bush Exodus 3: 1-14
  • Moses had to come back and face both the Egyptians and Israelites – he had to re-engage with his original call and the word of God that came to him at the burning bush
  • God called him out of his workplace
  • NB the ‘daily round’ is more than work, the housebound also have a daily routine
  • We need a theology of work


Resource Ideas:

  1. Roots and Branches conference 4-5 December – re-engaging with our Methodist heritage
  2. Where in the life of your church do you give time to reflecting on life and work?
  3. – an excellent website for lots of ideas about how we engage with our faith within the workplace
  4. another very useful list of resources can be found under Discipleship and Vocation, here
  5. Other resources related to faith in the workplace, see (resources on web)
  6. Does your church have a prayer diary that includes the businesses of your locality?
  7. What is holy ground for you?
  8. We need to encourage people to be curious about their faith
  9. Film: the Prince of Egypt is an animated film which traces Moses’ life, but could offer a good discussion starter with children or young people
  10. There’s a shrub called ‘The Burning Bush’

Additional Ideas
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