1. ReCalling (Discipleship)

  • Bible passage: Jacob wrestling with the angel - Genesis 32: 22 - 31
  • We are being re-called to God
  • It’s our story and God’s story
  • A struggle
  • The people who ended up ‘delivering on what God wanted’ were the last people who expected to be called
  • Jacob was Joseph’s father – a dynasty, moving on
  • Jesus walking by the lake with the disciples at the end of John 21
  • Superhero films have a sense of destiny
  • When I am weak, then I am strong
  • Being known by name – Jacob and Israel


Resource ideas:

  1. The Hound of Heaven poem by Frances Thompson – are you running away from anything that you need to confront?
  2. Mary Oliver poem ‘what will you do with the rest of your life?’
  3. The Shack – recalled through struggle
  4. Something about being known by name – in the bible the name of a person expresses the character of the person as God knows it - if you were a stick of rock what would be the name running through you?
  5. Film: Fellowship of the Ring: only Frodo can carry it – what is it you are being called to carry?  Unexpected people are called to carry things for God
  6. Back to Church Sunday – preparing for September – re-calling people to the church
  7. Love Bade me Welcome by George Herbert

Additional Ideas
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