Property Consents

The District now has the responsibility of considering and giving the appropiate consent to all proposed Property Schemes.  Schemes are any property works that go beyond routine maintenance.  If a Circuit is uncertain as to whether it is necessary to enter into a Scheme Please contact the District Property Secretary for advice. Email Mr Rodney Betts.

If Churches or Circuits need help in using the Connexional Website to seek a property consent, the Property Secretary and members of the District Property Consent Panel (see District Directory) can give guidance.

The Resourcing Mission Office on the Connexion Website has plenty of information about property consents, funding, guidance on VAT and responsibilities of Managing Trustees.  Here you can download schedules and the Property Points, which is a twice yearly publication full of the latest news on property matters.


Money is part of Methodist Property.  Standard Form of Accounts can also be obtained from this Schedules & Publications page of the Resourcing Mission Office along with the publication Managing Trustees and Methodist Money.

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