Maintenance Co-operative

The Maintenance Co-operatives Project follows on from the successful Faith in Maintenance Project and aims to provide tailored training and support over a three year period to those who are involved, or who would like to be involved, in the maintenance of their place of worship.

In order to make the delivery of this training and support more effective the idea is to bring those involved with a number of places of worship (notionally between five and eight PoW's) together to form one Maintenance Co-operative the target being to set up at least five Maintenance Co-operatives in the Dorset and Somerset area.

The Maintenance Co-operatives need to be set up before we can start to deliver tailored training and support - please contact Colm Kelly who is more than happy to come along and present the project to anybody who may be interested in being involved.

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Please contact: Colm O'Kelly
SPAB Maintenance Co-operatives Project
Regional Project Officer - Dorset and Somerset
Tel: 07776 185668
Twitter: @colminches

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