Lay Employment

Welcome to the Lay Employment page.

Employment of people into non-ministerial posts within Churches and Circuits is growing for a variety of reasons – the emergence of Fresh Expressions, fewer available clergy, utilisation of more creative ways of engaging with the unchurched community, and the need to pay someone in order to attract relevant skills. 

Churches and Circuits as employers are governed by employment law and Methodist CPD, with good practice overarching both of these.  Whether your Church or Circuit is in the early stages of thinking about employing someone or already has a lay employee, or whether you have a simple query or are facing a knottier employment issue, as your District Lay Employment Adviser, I am here to support and advise you in these areas.

Here are some examples of where I can help:

  • when you are considering the possibility of recruiting a lay employee and how that fits with your Church/Circuit’s vision;

  • during the recruitment process itself, and preparation of relevant documentation;

  • in appointing/becoming a line manager and the practical issues involved with that;

  • dealing with employment issues which may arise, like discipline/grievance procedures, maternity leave/ pay and even redundancy.

  • anticipating potential changes to staffing in the face of reshaping amongst Circuits.

May I strongly encourage you to contact me with any queries, so that I can offer support and advice, and provide you with all the necessary up-to-date documentation.

Penny Thatcher, District Lay Employment Adviser at or 07910 601751.

I am employed part-time, usually covering 3 days per week, and will respond to your query as soon as I can.

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