Step Forward

Step Forward is designed to be delivered through small groups and run over a 12 month period for groups that meet on a weekly basis.

The small group is a particular way of being in a fellowship group together. There are various features of Step Forward that make it distinctive from most house groups.

Step Forward is very much about preparing people to lead and use the material in a faithful, gentle, encouraging and participative way. While each group will find its own flavour, style even theological emphasis and spirituality, it is our hope that they will have facilitation style in common.

The key to a good group is facilitation and the key to good facilitation is to enable the ministry of everyone in the group. Prospective group facilitators will be expected to attend a one day training course to learn how to use the material and facilitate a Step Forward Group.

At the end of the 12 month period it is hoped that those who have been part of a Step Forward Group will all feel more confident and perhaps challenged not only in their personal life, but also in their commitment to each other and to developing their own discipleship and ministry.

Go to their website to discover more about the course and the areas that are covered.

For information about Step Forward Leader Training, contact Juli Wills, Training Officer

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