'Sense and nonsense, conversations with a clown about spiritual things'

 By Malcolm Rothwell

 The Revd the Lord Griffiths of Burry Port writes:

I said yes, I’d endorse this book. After all, the author is a friend. However, I am a busy man so I thought I would just skim through it and write a nice, if anodyne, sentence or two; to show willing. That, after all, is what friends do.

 It didn’t turn out that way. This book took hold of me and would not let me go until I had finished it. The format, the content, the pungency and the passion quite overwhelmed me.

 This is a first-rate work of apologetics with no cant, no obfuscation, a sustained focus and lots of energy. It is a must, not only for old stagers like me, but for anyone else who wants to get inside the meaning of faith without the trappings or the entanglements of a previous age.

 I found it immensely pleasurable and I can only hope it gets a wide readership.

 The Revd the Lord Griffiths of Burry Port is Minister of Wesley’s Chapel, London, Former President of the Methodist Conference


Sense and Nonsense is available from Amazon or Waterstones or Malcolm (£10 + postage)

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