Pastoral Supervision - A handbook


‘Jane Leach and Michael Paterson are to be warmly commended for this book on pastoral supervision. As they say, this is an ancient and now contemporary activity which has a great deal to offer Christian and other faith ministries. They have written a very practical handbook to be a companion to all those who seek or offer supervision for the ministries of pastoral care, pastoral counselling or spiritual direction. Its aim is to help nurture and make more effective the practice of those called to these ministries. To this end the authors provide a rich and generous diet of theory and practice, reflection and action drawn essentially from their own learning and experience. Their use of current theories and methods of supervision in the helping professions are thorough and comprehensive and to these they add Biblical and theological insights and inspiration. Readers are invited to test these in practice through the many useful exercises at the conclusion of each chapter’.

John Foskett, co-author Helping the Helpers: Supervision in Pastoral Care

‘This practical, well-researched book is a welcome addition to the literature that argues convincingly for the need of supervision in pastoral work. Written from a Christian perspective, it is nonetheless relevant to all of us, whatever our faith, who want to align spirituality and supervision and who want to put love at the heart of our practices’.

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