Faith in the Fool by Angela Ashwin

(published D.L.T.2009)

This is a book which you are unlikely to sit and read from beginning to end – probably because the author has suggested that you “start wherever you like and don’t go through the book in the ‘right order’”.

But your delight, as you dip into its pages, will certainly increase, and so in a new sense you may not want to put it down.

Take a look at the chapter sub-headings, and pick the next one you want to read, from: ‘We need useless things’; ‘in Praise of Laughter’; ‘Managing our Mistakes’; ‘Uncluttered Prayer  and our True Self’;’A Journey into Forgiveness’  and ‘Jesus, the Fool on the Hill’.

In every chapter the author has included personal examples and quotations from wise fools of every age, so that it never gets either too solemn about laughter or too light about tragedy.

Members of the District Synod heard me mention this title at the April Synod; I followed my own advice and bought a copy, and have not regretted it! Go to your Christian bookshop and find one for yourself.

                                                                        Jenny Franklin. June 2010

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