District Synod September 11 2010: 4-minute BOOK REVIEW

 Among all the books on the bookstall today, here is:-

 a new one whose author died in 2006, a familiar friend with a new look and new treasures, a journey through the year that makes you smile and pray and wonder, a book containing in 36 pages such practical help with prayer as you may never have seen, and a window on the world. Oh, and a lovely surprise!

 1. Michael Mayne, who died in 2006, left behind a wealth of inspiring books which many treasure:  here is more! Hitherto unpublished sermons and addresses are filled with humour and humanity as well as inspiration, To Trust and to Love (DLT) is not to be missed!

 2. Many of us know, and use, and return to, Ann Lewin’s book of poems Watching for the Kingfisher.(CanterburyPress) This is a new edition with extra new material, and a stunning cover;  read the poem on the back cover  -  and you’ll be hooked!

 3, Seasons of the Spirit (brf)is a journey through the seasons of the year and also of the Church, led by Teresa Morgan, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford but also a non-stipendiary minister of the Anglican Church. She   has fresh and bright views on many things. Don’t miss the chapter on ‘Conversations with angels’.

 4. Going on a prayer walk, building a labyrinth in your church hall, praying with objects, with pictures, as part of play; Prayer Helps(WYS books) has it all – and some lovely prayers too. Part of the rich series of £2 books of prayers from the West Yorkshire Methodist District, this one does cost £4 – but includes a CD-Rom!

 A beautiful advertising leaflet left me uneasy: it tells of the lovely prayers in the Methodist Prayer Handbook(Methodist Publishing) – but says nothing of the Handbook’s real purpose – to keep us in touch with Christians and Methodists around the world. When the Handbook arrived, though, I was reassured, and so can you be; it is as good as ever. A student from Nigeria writes “We give thanks to God for our fellowship with one another in the Church of Christ all over the world”. We all need this – get yours today.

 And the surprise? Brand new, published on 7 September, Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho have together written  Made for Goodness (Harper) – your chance to be in the forefront of religious reading!                                  .

Thank you.

                                                                        Jenny Franklin 11/09/10

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