Book Reviews

As with lots of other parts of this website, we need your contributions to this section.  Have you read any good books lately?  Would you like to recommend anything to others?  You don't have to write a huge review, just quote from the back cover if you like, but share the information with the rest of us!

If you are a member of a church book group, you might want to recommend some of your top reads so that others can get some ideas. 

So just complete the resource recommendation form and let others share the pleasure of a good read.

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'Sense and nonsense, conversations with a clown about spiritual things'
An excellent book by a local author Malcolm Rothwell

District Synod September 11 2010: 4-minute BOOK REVIEW
by Jenny Franklin

Faith in the Fool by Angela Ashwin
Book Review by Jenny Franklin

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: Marcus Borg
The United Church in Winchester has a 'Spiritual Book Reading Group' who have read a huge number of inspiring and challenging publications. Here is a magazine article written by one member, Peter Elliott

Pastoral Supervision - A handbook
By Jane Leach and Michael Paterson

Re-Enchanting Christianity
Faith in an emerging culture by Dave Tomlinson

The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg
Another review by Peter Elliott

The Spiritual Revolution by David Tacey
A walk through the ruins. The ruins of a once mighty spiritual empire that took millenia to build and just a few hundred years to collapse. Reviewed by John Heath, United Church, Winchester