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What is ReKindle?

Discipleship and Vocation are key elements in our Christian journey. In this District we are doing all that we can to encourage members of our churches to think more about their own response to God. Connexional funding has made it possible for us to fund the production of bookmarks and now postcards. Due to a very effective distribution network, 9000 bookmarks are reaching the hands of church members across the Southampton District.

Phase 1 was five bookmarks which were based on seasonal themes of Pentecost, Harvest, Advent, Covenant Sunday and Easter. 

Phase 2 was aimed at developing the theme of Discipleship more deeply with postcards produced every two months reflecting the five themes of: ReCalling, ReEngaging, ReMoving, ReShaping and ReThinking.

Phase 3 will be based around the four District themes for BibleFresh which are the four gospels. 

Phase 4 will be based on the Methodist theme of The Means of Grace which we in the District are entitling 'Grace Filled Discipleship'.  There will be four cards and the themes and suggested dates for use are below.  For more information and resources on The Means of Grace, visit www.deepeningdiscipleship.org.uk.

Wherever appropriate, when our District Chair, Andrew Wood visits a church in the District,  he will be preaching on the theme and it is hoped that the postcard will be given out at the same service.  Andrew also writes some sermon  notes - these will be on the website as soon as he finds time to write them!


 THEMES AND DATES FOR PHASE 4:  Grace Filled Discipleship 

Card Theme

Card posted

Suggested date for use



w/b 7 May

(synod on 12 for distribution)

17 June

 (after Trinity Sunday)

Being Christ in the World

(to link into One World Week)

w/b 3 September (synod on 8 September for distribution)

21 or 28 October

(One World Week)

Devotion and Spiritual Rhythms

(to be used before Lent)

w/b 7 January

10 February

(Sunday before Ash Wednesday)


(to be used post Easter)

w/b 8 April

21 April

(after Easter but before Pentecost)

Phase 3 of ReKindle will be based around the four District themes of Biblefresh which are the four gospels 


Available in church from

Mailed out by


19 June 2011

But can be used any time between 19 June and 4 September. 

Suggested date for use: 3 July

7 June 


The Least, the Last and the Lost

4 September 2011

But can be used any time between 4 September and 20 November

Suggested date for use: 25 September

The District Biblefresh event based on Luke's gospel will be held on Saturday 15 October at the United Church, Winchester.  The theme will be Discovering Luke and the speaker will be The Rev Canon Steve Pittis

25 August


Signs of the Kingdom


20 November 2011

But can be used any time between 20 November and 26 February

Suggested date for use: 15 January 2012

The District Biblefresh event based on John's gospel will be held at the United Church, Dorchester, date tbc

11 November


Suffering (Ash Wednesday 22 February)

4 March 2012

Suggested date for use: 25 March 2012

28 February