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Lest we forget

At http://www.mymethodisthistory.org.uk/ we are recording all war memorials in Methodist churches.

Initially we are working on recording the memorials for World War 1.

Can you please help us by taking photographs of your memorials and putting a page on our site with a list of the names recorded. Just follow the instructions for this in “About Us” “How to add a page”. If you are able to give some background to those commemorated that would be useful, if not it can be added later, (see http://www.mymethodisthistory.org.uk/category_id__25.aspx) If your WW2 memorial is on the same plaque please list those names also.

We are also looking for family/church stories from this period in time.

If you have any queries we can be contacted at mymethodisthistory@gmail.com

Pamela Atkins & Ann Fox

Editorial Team, Methodist Church House

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