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Ministerial Development Review 2012

Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church writes in the Introduction to the Guide to Ministerial Development Review:

Ministerial Development Review has its roots in the Church’s responsibility to support its ministers, and in the Conference’s specific desire to provide a structured means for ministers to reflect on and review their ministry.

A key feature of Ministerial Development Review is the annual review meeting – a significant event which provides an important opportunity for ministers to share their reflections, insights and hopes with others who have a responsibility for their well-being and for their growth in ministry. But whilst the organisation and facilitation of the review meeting is a key task, Ministerial Development Review is about much more than this. At its core, it is not an annual event but an ongoing process of collaborative reflection and learning, of reshaping ministry in the light of experience and feedback, of sharing and addressing blockages to progress and growth, and of celebrating successes and affirming gifts and graces.

It is my hope that Ministerial Development Review will strengthen the Christian ministry in which we share, and help us all as we focus on our prayerful and active intention to be a discipleship movement shaped for mission.

I commend the information contained in this booklet to you, trusting that you will find Ministerial Development Review an affirming, encouraging, developmental process.

The Revd Dr Martyn Atkins

The General Secretary & Secretary of the Conference

More information about MDR can be found on the Connexion website here