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Regrouping for Mission


The Methodist Church describes itself as a discipleship movement shaped for mission. Regrouping for Mission is a national scheme encouraging Districts and Circuits to questions if the way the church operates encourages and enables mission in all areas of our work.

Regrouping for mission starts by highlighting that our organisational structures developed and grew at a time when our membership and resources were very much greater, but has not been rethought as our numbers and resources have reduced. More importantly, it has not been altered to respond to the changing nature of God’s world around us, and the challenges and calls He now presents to us

Almost universally it has been found that small circuits had limitations, whereas the process of forming new larger circuits encouraged fresh thinking and inspiration.

Led by Chair Andrew Wood, the Southampton District identified the importance of recognising the diverse nature of our circuits. No single solution would fit, and any attempt to impose a plan from above would be unhelpful; successful change would need to grow “organically” from the “ground up”. 

The ReShaping Agenda is the Southampton District Scheme, developed in response to Regrouping for Mission, to help circuits look towards a more missional future.