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Meetings: Church Councils, Circuit Meetings and the District Synod

Circuits work in different ways and have a variety of patterns of meetings.  Meetings may include:


A Circuit Steward is an ex-officio member of, and entitled to attend, all official meetings connected with the Circuit, except for local preachers meetings (unless they are a local preacher).  Any Circuit Steward is therefore entitled to attend the Church Council of any church within the Circuit.  One Circuit Steward should be appointed, by the Circuit Stewards, to attend each Church Council (SO 610).  It is important to note that LEPs will have different governance arrangements.

The Circuit Steward will be able to:


 Synod is the policy making court of the District, serving as a link between the Conference and connexional team on one hand, and the Circuits and local churches on the other.

 Under SO 410 one Circuit Steward of each Circuit in the District is a representative to Synod.  Each Circuit also sends lay representatives: these will often include the other Circuit Stewards.  All Ministerial staff stationed in the District attend too.

 At Synod there are opportunities to:

The nominated steward will report back to the other Circuit Stewards who have not attended Synod