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Specific Duties of a Circuit Steward

The Circuit Meeting is a focal point for the Leadership Teams of the Circuit churches. Its responsibilities combine spiritual leadership and administrative efficiency. Its concern includes pastoral and evangelism work, training needs, approval of those ready for admission as Local Preachers and (annually) of Circuit Stewards. Through its policies, procedures, and decisions it needs to nurture ministry and mission, ensuring accurate representation from within the Circuit. Members of the Circuit Meeting, and hence Circuit Stewards, are Managing Trustees for Circuit property (normally manses) and funds. The general powers of Managing Trustees are identified in CPD.  The Circuit Steward team are expected to share the following responsibilities between them:


The Circuit Stewards are the treasurers of the Circuit Fund.  SO 532.

It is the Circuit Stewards’ duty to ensure that the Circuit Fund is managed properly and efficiently according to current accounting principles and money management so as to comply with the obligations imposed upon them by SO 532.  That will require one Circuit Steward of acknowledged competence to assume especial responsibility for the Circuit Fund or, if there is no such steward then another competent person who is directly responsible to the Circuit Stewards.  (More information can be found in the Handbook)


The Circuit Stewards are responsible for the interior repair and decoration and furnishing of the manses: SO 533

The improvement, repair, maintenance, suitability and location of manses are matters for which the Circuit and District are responsible through different bodies. (More information can be found in the Handbook)


The Circuit Stewards are responsible for proposals for invitations to Ministers and Deacons to serve in the Circuit and for negotiating with Ministers over appointments to the Circuit and to a chaplaincy, the pastoral oversight of youth and community work and to a team ministry: SO 534 and 540(1).  (More information can be found in the Handbook)


One Circuit Steward is to be appointed to each Church Council and at least one to the District Synod.

The Circuit Stewards are ex officio members of and entitled to attend all official meetings connected with the Circuit – except the Local Preachers Meeting unless they are themselves Local Preachers.   (More information can be found in the Handbook)

Circuit Stewards should decide amongst themselves which of their number are to attend the various meetings and then to report back to all.