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Person Specification for Circuit Stewards


 A person who:

  1. has a Christian faith and a commitment to serve
  2. is willing to be supportive and affirming of others
  3. has personal credibility, be confident, able to maintain confidentiality, committed and willing to work in a voluntary capacity
  4. has strong communication skills, ideally able to speak at Circuit events and to contribute within services and elsewhere on behalf of the Circuit
  5. has some of the following skills: an administrator, team worker, minute secretary, property administrator and managing trustee
  6. is consultative, with the ability to be analytical and to contribute to the Leadership Team
  7. has a sense of humour
  8. is an agent for change



A person who:

  1. has managerial experience and/or some understanding of employment law, given the Circuit’s responsibility for the employment of Lay Employees
  2. has a working knowledge of Methodist church structures and protocols and some experience of Circuit Meetings and events
  3. exercises flexibility
  4. is tenacious
  5. has the ability to ask for help
  6. is supportive of Ministers
  7. has sensitivity
  8. has an understanding family
  9. has a willingness to learn on the job
  10. has some financial understanding
  11. possesses negotiating skills