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What is a Circuit Steward

Circuit Stewards love God, the Church, the world and especially those fellow workers committed to their care.  They rely on both the grace of God and the expertise they have developed in other fields to carry them through this task. 

The role of a Circuit Steward is both a practical and strategic job enabling individuals to find fulfilment in Christian service and as such each Circuit Steward will discover different and personal ways to respond to God’s call.           

The Circuit Stewards are responsible, with the Superintendent and Ministers, Deacons and Probationers appointed to the Circuit, for the spiritual and material well-being of the Circuit, and for upholding and acting upon the decisions of the Circuit MeetingStanding Order (SO)531 (1)  (Standing Orders can be found in Volume 2 of  The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church(CPD)– see page 23 of the C S Handbook (at the bottom of this page) or look on the Methodist Website for details of CPD).

Circuit Stewards share collective responsibility for leadership as members of the Circuit Leadership Team along with the Superintendent and Circuit Ministers and in that role have specific duties.

From that general responsibility it follows that the Circuit Stewards should:

... and arrange in a manner suitable to the Circuit how these responsibilities are exercised. 

Quote: ‘When I became a Circuit Steward, I wish I’d known where I could find some guidance on the wide range of situations in which I become involved’.  (Well, we hope this Handbook will be of help to many!)