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Training in the Southampton District

The word 'Training' covers a multitude of subjects, often connected to training manuals of some sort.  In the Southampton District we have a vision of training being about 'Life Long Learning' in which we are all engaged.  As Dave Tomlinson says in his excellent book 'ReEnchanting Christianity' we want our Churches to be '... communities of openness and diversity, where sceptics, doubters and dissenters are as welcome as those who appear perfectly settled with the tenets of their faith...'  (Tomlinson, ReEnchanting Christianity, Canterbury Press, p4).  People in churches like that will be people who ask questions and search for answers, who respect other opinions but who want to know God's truth for themselves - people committed to Life Long Learning.

In working towards creating such a Church we offer a variety of opportunities and challenges.  For example, the ReKindle project encourages people to think more deeply about their own Christian journey;  and other material such as Step Forward and Disciple offer ways of working in small groups. Some  people find themselves called to ordained ministry as a result of these challenges and they are encouraged to investigate further with our support for Candidates.

There are so many people with so many different vocations in the District, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders give a lot of time to churches in our District and of course, Circuit Stewards work hard to support the ministry and leadership of each Circuit.  In our training we seek to offer regular courses and resources such as the Circuit Steward's Handbook to support their work.

The support and care of Ministers is also a priority and we are trying to develop more opportunities for Continuing Development in Ministry.   

Look in the CDiM pages or Learning Opportunities pages to see what sort of learning and development opportunities there are.  

For our churches to be the caring communities that we want them to be, people of all ages must know that they are loved and supported, each Circuit has Safeguarding Officers and we are working towards ensuring they are supported in their work with adequate resources and training.