Mental Health Matters - June 2017

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The theme of this year’s conference is: ‘Sharing the Journey’.  Our theme aims to draw on the need to ‘walk alongside’ those in our churches and communities who are dealing with mental health issues and the resulting social, vocational and emotional difficulties that they can experience alongside the mental health issue itself. It is about raising awareness, understanding and enabling those who wish to understand and help, to feel enabled to do so through learning more about the everyday things those with mental health issues deal with, and where to find hope and practical help in the midst of it.

We want to put an emphasis on themes within mental health such as:

-      ‘openly talking about mental health and wellness’

-      ‘reducing stigma in the church and our communities’,

-      ‘asking for help either as a carer or as a person dealing with mental health issues’,

And taking a closer look at specific issues like:

-      ‘men and suicide’,

-      ‘mental health and substance abuse’  

As well as workshops addressing the spiritual, societal and emotional side including:

-      ‘The theology of mental health’;

-      ‘Mental Health & Culture’

-      ‘Spirituality and mental wellbeing’.

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