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This is the time of year when there are understandably most requests for materials to help resource tutors. 

One key issue often relates to helping tutors see that a key role is that of facilitating and enabling learning rather than simply providing information.   Books and checklists can only be part of resourcing tutors to develop more confidence in facilitation and developing learning tasks, but the following may be helpful: 

1. On-line resources

* Small group learning and teaching - from the university of Glasgow

* Small group teaching - A helpful section on the Oxford Brookes University website
- http://www.brookes.ac.uk/services/ocsld/resources/small-group/index.html

* "The fine art of squelching small groups" - how not to do it! Available in various places including:
- http://old.wakefield.anglican.org/support/issues/wms/Unrestricted/Teaching%20adults/Teaching%20adults%205%20-%20How%20not%20to%20do%20it%20-%20August%202006.pdf

* Facilitation - Designed with business sessions in mind, but can be explored and offer valuable reminders on process  for any  involved in facilitating
- http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/RoleofAFacilitator.htm
- http://www.uiowa.edu/~cqi/2002BasicFacilitationPrimer.pdf#search=
- http://managementhelp.org/groups/

* Background theory - A website designed for those involved with training GPs, includes some very accessible handouts on educational theory, which could be used selectively (Those involved in CME for clergy or readers may find other things of interest: there is a clear commitment to learning from processes of observation / reflection, not just details of medical specifics.)

* Key principles of effective learning - A very quick reminder of Sylvia Downs' 10 key principles, with link to purchase her short book 'Making Learning Happen' for those for whom it would be helpful
- http://www.psld.co.uk/making-learning-happen.php


2.  Books /booklets

* Adult Learning, Adult Teaching - J.Daines, C.Daines, and B.Graham,
Welsh Academic Press,  (4th edition 2006) ISBN 978–1–85041–071–3

A basic, pragmatic and uncomplicated book. It is clearly the work of experienced "hands on" practitioners, and is helpfully geared to practical ‘how to do it’ questions. Short manageable chapters have numbered paragraphs and checklists (feeling a bit like guidance notes that might be handed out to course tutors.) It doesn't aim to include much theory, and the layout is dull not exciting.  But worth considering as a basic single volume reference book for tutors with practical reminders and tips.

* 'Once upon a Group' by Michael and Maggie Kindred
One diocesan training department gives a copy of this to all those tutoring on its courses. Deceptively simple A5 booklet - contains an enormous amount of expertise on group process, reduced to bullet points and line drawings. Could be used for discussion and reflection. Available to order - note changed web address: http://www.kindredgamesandbooks.co.uk/

* Adults Learning (5th edition 2007), Jenny Rogers,
Open University Press 2007 ISBN 978-O33 522535 4

This is a classic if people want something more detailed that combines rationale with useful reminders / discussion about the practice and practicalities of 'facilitating learning'.  The book has now gone through many editions: the 4th edition has a helpful chapter on 'Discussion and facilitation', and in the 5th edition this 'Facilitating' chapter is expanded. I have used ideas in these chapters to help me design some tutor training.  

Learning For Life - Yvonne Craig
(1994 – available as “print to order” Continuum ISBN 978 0 26467318 9
The chapters on 'How adults learn' and 'Learning styles' have been found particularly valuable for training trainers, and it has been much used in the past to recommend to volunteers who tutor or teach on diocesan courses.


3. Training Resources:

* Understanding Groups - the widely valued experiential study course with handouts on group process and functioning is available on-line.  The revamping of the C of E website has resulted in an even more unwieldy URL than before- see:


*  'Workbook' (practical guide) to facilitation skills - Tearfund's TILZ (Tearfund International Learning Zone) includes a downloadable workbook at  http://tilz.tearfund.org/Publications/PILLARS/Facilitation+skills+workbook/, with many helpful reminders (and possibly handouts) that could be raided for use in tutor training etc - though you certainly wouldn't want to use it in toto in a UK / western context.  .

It would be useful to have any other information on resources you have found particularly useful for your own tutoring activities, or that you have found helpful when working with course tutors - the 'training' section here is  thin particularly!  Further suggested book lists are available, but these seem most suited for many volunteer tutors.

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