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Voice Training and Projection.

A recently retired Local Preacher with a Drama background, Jean Frost is offering individual sessions to help all who all who speak or read in a congregational setting to be heard and understood with clarity.

This would be in Newbury by direct arrangement with Jean  01635 846998 jean.frost12@gmail.com

(Jean is not making a charge for these sessions)

What is a Local Preacher?

Local Preachers are members of the church who have undertaken training and have been accredited by the Methodist Connexion to lead worship and preach in all the churches of a circuit.  The Methodist Church has  always depended heavily on Local Preachers. There are 367 active Local Preachers in the Southampton District.

If you feel that you are being "called" to become a Local Preacher and want to know more about this important ministry, please contact your Circuit Superintendent or Local Preacher Secretary.

What is a Worship Leader?

Worship Leaders are members of a church who are called and trained to lead and support the worship in their own local church.

There are a growing number of people who feel called to this ministry.  If you would like to know more about this ministry please contact your Circuit Superintendent or Minister. 

It is important that Local Preachers and Worship Leaders work together to enhance worship and  support each other.

You will find additional useful information on the Local Preachers and Worship Leaders pages of the Methodist Church Website.


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