In the Southampton District we are committed to supporting and encouraging our Ministers to engage in ongoing Ministerial development.  It is important for their own well being and for the life and witness of the local Church.  Grants are available towards any costs of courses or materials and it is hoped that Circuits will also contribute to any training fees and expenses.

Finding the right course is always the challenge, and it would be good if Ministers were able to recommend any courses to one another.  You might like to use this form for any recommendations.  A lot of very good courses are offered by the five dioceses in the South Central Regional Training Partnership (SCRTP) and Methodists are very welcome to apply for places on their events.  These diocesan sites are listed below:

Salisbury Diocese / Winchester Diocese / Portsmouth Diocese / Oxford Diocese / Guildford Diocese

Sarum College is also a very good source of excellent learning and development opportunities

Other courses are listed below and also check out the Learning Opportunities page

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A selection of courses held at Sarum College
There are lots of excellent courses for Ministers and Lay people, here are a selection

CDiM Learning and Development Opportunities
If you are running or would like to recommend a course, please click here to submit details

Ministers Conference 2012
Some of Keith Lamdin's notes and power point slides from 'Shaping Up'

Notes and photos from the Ministers Conference 2011
Here are a selection of Phyl's photos and Anne's notes from the 2011 Conference on Conflict Transformation

The Society of Mary and Martha
The Society of Mary and Martha at the Sheldon Centre offers support and refreshment to people in full time ministry.