Fresh Expressions & Rural Churchplanters’ Forum Conference

4-5 May 2011    Bawtry Hall    Cost – £85

  •  You have planted or are seeking to plant a fresh expression of church in a rural area
  • You long to see new people becoming disciples of Jesus in the countryside
  • You want to keep growing in faith and love yourself
  • You want to learn and pray with other rural pioneers

If these things are true of you, “making and growing disciples in the countryside” is for you – not just a conference but a gathering for learning from each other, story-telling, and prayer. 

The learning will be facilitated by Graham Cray (leader of national Fresh Expressions), Sally Gaze (author of Mission Shaped and Rural and leader of the Tas Valley Cell Church) and other members of the Rural Churchplanters forum.  Hosts will be Pete and Kath Atkins (leaders of the Threshold family of churches in rural Lincolnshire).

If you would like to receive an invitation to this gathering, please contact Sally Gaze tel. 01508 470762 (  with some brief details of the fresh expression of church which you are involved with or hoping to start.

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