Making Meetings Work

If you are responsible for the meeting use the following questions as a checklist as you prepare.

If you are attending a meeting that isn’t working use them to diagnose what’s wrong and help make the meeting more effective.


  1. Is there a clear purpose/agenda?
  2. Are the appropriate people present?
  3. Is there an agreed finishing time?
  4. Do people know why they are there – have they been given enough information to make an informed decision?
  5. Do people know and trust each other?
  6. Is the meeting chaired fairly and clearly?
  7. Is someone taking minutes or notes?
  8. Has the necessary preparation been done?
  9. Is there clarity about the decisions being made, and are decisions properly followed up by named individuals?
  10. Are any special needs being addressed, eg hearing impairment, transport needs, meeting times?
  11. Is the environment/meeting place appropriate and conducive to the business of the meeting?
  12. Is there a need for confidentiality, and has this been    
  13. Are people offered refreshments?

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